Text Your Wife Into Bed

Text Your Wife Into BedWith Text Your Wife Into Bed Michael Fiore will teach you how to use your cell phone to send tiny little text messages to get your wife or girlfriend incredibly turned on – whenever, wherever, and however you want.

With Text Your Wife Into Bed discover the “Magic Keys” to your wife or girlfriends libido and watch your love life take off like a rocket when you apply what you will learn. It won’t matter how many years you have been married or how little privacy or time you have. Even if your lady is tired, sleeping will be the farthest thing from her mind and you’ll have her feeling like the sexiest woman in the world.

No matter how hopeless things have gotten between the two of you. If you put into action what Michael Fiore is teaching in Text Your Wife Into Bed your girl will be bragging to her friends and happier than she has been in a very long time. She will start thinking of you as her own personal sex god who she’ll be willing to do almost anything to please.

Text Your Wife Into Bed Full Package

Inside Text Your Wife Into Bed:

If you’re a guy single or married who is looking to have a more passionate sex life with the woman or women in your life than Text Your Wife Into Bed by Michael Fiore is intended to help you do just that. You can have your girl crave you and your attention all with just some simple short texts from your cell phone.

Inside the member’s only area, you will have access to a combination of videos, audios, and PDF files that will teach you how to use simple text messages to turn your wife or girlfriend on and ultimately get her onto bed with you.

The Text Your Wife Into Bed PDF provides you with a terrific selection of full texting conversations and text message examples. You can just copy and paste then sit back and watch your lover go crazy with anticipation and excitement.

The downloadable Text Your Wife Into Bed PDF ebook provides you with the backbone of the program while the video and audio downloads cover the various ways to use text messaging to add more thrills and sex into your relationship. Many done for you tools are provided to allow you to get started immediately and heat things up for you and get back to the early days in your relationship when that spark of newness and mystery made getting your lover into bed with you an easy and enjoyable thing to accomplish.

Text Your Wife Into Bed Text Examples:

Text Your Wife Into BedWith the Michael Fiore text examples you will have access to you can have your lady literally pouncing on you as you come through the door. You can easily learn how to turn up the intensity of your love life by pushing just a few buttons on your cell phone. Find out how you can turn on a woman’s inner sexual beast, amplify her sexual energy, and make her feel sexy and desirable.

  1. The Curiosity Pivot Text
    Get away from the plain boring texting and create a sexually charged communication channel between the two of you without being crude or rude. You want to bait her and arouse her curiosity to get her to bite by responding before you move on to anything further. Use this to get her attention and initiate the texting (sexting) conversations without coming across as some kind of horny creep.
  2. Her Best Assets Text
    Once you’ve gotten her attention and aroused her curiosity it is time to make her feel sexy and desired by telling her how much she seriously turns you on. The key here is making her feel safe. You’ll do this with the assets text by focusing on the things she feels are her best assets, not what you think are her best assets. You are going to reinforce her feelings of happiness and how she feels about herself with this and move into the next step.
  3. The Remembrance Text
    With this text you are going to simply remind her of a previous erotic sexual encounter the two of you shared and enjoyed. Turn up the heat here and tell her how much you enjoyed a certain sensation and experience like the look on her face or the tiny muscle quivers running down her legs. You’re going to do this without being really sexual about it. Go for romantic and subtle and tell her how incredibly attractive and sexy she is to you.
  4. The Sensual Story Text
    Warm her up with a text narrating one of your most memorable sexual experiences together and what it meant to you and how that feeling was the best that you have every experienced. Just remember you don’t go full blown porn here (yet). You want to tickle her senses and remind her of the pleasurable feelings the two of you had then and how you can’t stop thinking about it. The goal is to build up anticipation while painting a picture of the sexual experience using both imaginative and emotional charged language.

More Michael Fiore text examples…

While the Text Your Wife Into Bed may not appeal to men with a modest or shy approach to romance and intimacy. Those looking for a straightforward plan for getting their wives into bed may find exactly what they are looking for in this program.

Text Your Wife Into Bed is only available through Michael Fiore’s website and shows you how to increase the intensity of your love life with just a few text messages.

Text Your Wife Into Bed

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